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Send message to yourself in WhatsApp

Sending a WhatsApp message to yourself can be helpful in some cases. Many people used to send SMS to their own number if they wanted to take a note of something. Some people also send an email to themselves to take a note of something. But sending a WhatsApp message to yourself is not straight forward. In this post, I am going to tell you how you can send a message to yourself in WhatsApp.

Quick Method to Send Message to YourselfDownload the "Click to Chat" application from Google Play Store.Open the app and enter your number.Click the open button and send the message.
Different ways of sending a message to yourself Method 1: From Contacts This is the easiest method. It might not work on all devices. But the trick is to save your number in the contacts and then click the WhatsApp message button to send a message to yourself.
Method 2: Using an app Download the "Click to Chat"  app from Play Store. 
Open the app and enter your number in it. Then click the "Ope…

Turn your screen off with a launcher button

In this post, I am going to tell you about an app which claims to perform a rather simple task. It turns your phone's screen off without pressing the power button. It provides you a launcher icon which you can place anywhere in your launcher (I would recommend to place it on home screen). You can click that icon to turn off the screen. Simple.. It contains some other features also which we will be discussing later in this post.
First let's talk why you need such an app. The answer is to save your power button. Using this, you can turn your screen off by tapping on a screen instead of pressing a hardware button. It is easy to click on the screen than to press a hardware button (At least for me).
The app is called Screen Off and Lock.
Use the button below to download it: When you install the application, you get two icons in your apps drawer. The "Screen Off" button (On the right) can be clicked to turn off the screen. However for the first time, you will have to pro…