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Send message to yourself in WhatsApp

Sending a WhatsApp message to yourself can be helpful in some cases. Many people used to send SMS to their own number if they wanted to take a note of something. Some people also send an email to themselves to take a note of something. But sending a WhatsApp message to yourself is not straight forward. In this post, I am going to tell you how you can send a message to yourself in WhatsApp. Quick Method to Send Message to Yourself Download the " Click to Chat " application from Google Play Store. Open the app and enter your number. Click the open button and send the message. Different ways of sending a message to yourself Method 1: From Contacts This is the easiest method. It might not work on all devices. But the trick is to save your number in the contacts and then click the WhatsApp message button to send a message to yourself. Method 2: Using an app Download the " Click to Chat "  app from Play Store.  Open the app and enter y

Empty search on Google Play

Have you ever made an empty search on Google Play Store? Absolutely you can't, but if you open in a web browser then you can. But the results are strange. Let's see: 1. Open a web browser and tap the address bar. 2. Type and hit the "Go" button. 3. Press the search button. 4. Without typing anything press the "Go" button. 5. The search results will be related to Unicorn as you can see in the scrolllshot below: I don't know why this happens. Do you have an idea? Write your opinion in the comment box below. Share this strange thing about play store with others Share via Facebook _ Twitter _ Pinterest _ GooglePlus _ Email _ Blogger _ WhatsApp

Copy someone's image/video/gif status in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popularly used messengers on android. It includes the feature of making an image or a video or a gif as your status. When you see someone's status, you do not find the option to save the it to your mobile gallery One way might be to capture a screenshot and then crop it but this also fails in the case of a video or a gif. In this tutorial I will tell you the procedure to copy someone's status. There are three different methods. Read them all and follow the one that suits you. 1. Using an app: There are many apps available on Play Store that allow you to copy status from whatsapp very easily. I have tried a bunch of them. The one I'll recommend is Status Saver . To view all of them, check this . You can just view all the statuses and choose what to save. 2. Manual Method: This is the best method in my opinion and this is the one I personally use. For example look at the below pictures, I have indicated the status I want to c

How to secure your WhatsApp account

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for android and iPhone but when you create a WhatsApp account, you do not set a password for it as you set on Facebook or other websites. But here is a way to secure your WhatsApp account wth a six digit numeric passcode. 1. Open Whatsapp 2. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your screen. A drop down menu will appear. 3.Select settings from the drop down menu. 4. Tap on "Account". 4. Select "Two Step verification". 5. Click on "Enable". 6. Enter a six digit passcode of your choice. 7. Re-enter the passcode that you entered in the previous step. Make sure you remember this passcode. 8. Enter your e-mail address. It will be used to recover the passcode if you foget it. This step is optional. You can click the skip button to skip it. 9. Click "Next" after entering the e-mail. 10. Click "Done". Your WhatsApp