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Send message to yourself in WhatsApp

Sending a WhatsApp message to yourself can be helpful in some cases. Many people used to send SMS to their own number if they wanted to take a note of something. Some people also send an email to themselves to take a note of something. But sending a WhatsApp message to yourself is not straight forward. In this post, I am going to tell you how you can send a message to yourself in WhatsApp. Quick Method to Send Message to Yourself Download the " Click to Chat " application from Google Play Store. Open the app and enter your number. Click the open button and send the message. Different ways of sending a message to yourself Method 1: From Contacts This is the easiest method. It might not work on all devices. But the trick is to save your number in the contacts and then click the WhatsApp message button to send a message to yourself. Method 2: Using an app Download the " Click to Chat "  app from Play Store.  Open the app and enter y

Chat Link by Umer Softwares

Purpose of the App

Sometimes you have to send a WhatsApp message to someone without the need of saving the contact on your phone. This app solves your problem. This app lets you enter the recipient's number and open the chat in WhatsApp with just a single click!
There might be an occasion when you want to send a message to some of your friends without going through the pain of copy-pasting the message. This app helps you. Type in a message, hit a button, select chats and send. It is that simple.
You can also create links to WhatsApp chats. Copy the links or share them wherever you want.


You can download the apk from the button below:

How to use

Open a Chat

To open a WhatsApp or WhatsApp business chat without saving the number in your contacts, enter the number in international format. The prefix is the country code or dialing code of the country and the number is the number of recipient. After entering the number, click the "Open in WhatsApp" or "Open in WhatsApp Business" button to open the chat. For example, if I have to message the number 03123456789 in Pakistan. The country code is +92, so I will enter 92 in the prefix and I will enter 3123456789 in the number box.

Send a WhatsApp message to a number directly

 To send message to the number directly, check the Show Additional Options box and type the message in the Text to Send box. Then click the "Open in WhatsApp" or "Open in WhatsApp Business" button.

Send a Message to many people

Leave the prefix and number box empty and just enter the message. Then click the "Open in WhatsApp" or "Open in WhatsApp Business" button, select the chats and click the send button to send the message to all of them.

Create a link to a Chat

Add the number or message or both and then click the "Share Chat Link" button to share the link of the chat using some other app or click the "Copy Chat Link" button to copy the link of the chat to clipboard. Someone can click that link to open the chat in WhatsApp 

Save numbers and messages in History for viewing Later

If you want to save the number or message in history, check the Save in History box before pressing the send buttons. It will save the current information in history.

To access the history, slide out the navigation drawer and select history. Click on any item to see its details.

This app is created by Umer Softwares. Do not forget to share this app with others and leave a five-star rating on google play store if this app helped you. If you face any problem in the app or have any suggestions, you can get in touch with me using the form below:


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