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Send message to yourself in WhatsApp

Sending a WhatsApp message to yourself can be helpful in some cases. Many people used to send SMS to their own number if they wanted to take a note of something. Some people also send an email to themselves to take a note of something. But sending a WhatsApp message to yourself is not straight forward. In this post, I am going to tell you how you can send a message to yourself in WhatsApp. Quick Method to Send Message to Yourself Download the " Click to Chat " application from Google Play Store. Open the app and enter your number. Click the open button and send the message. Different ways of sending a message to yourself Method 1: From Contacts This is the easiest method. It might not work on all devices. But the trick is to save your number in the contacts and then click the WhatsApp message button to send a message to yourself. Method 2: Using an app Download the " Click to Chat "  app from Play Store.  Open the app and enter y

USB size reduced after installing Remix OS [Fixed]

When you install Remix OS on your USB drive, it partitions your USB drive and only a single partition appears in My Computer or This PC. If unfortunately, the installation or startup of Remix OS has failed on your device, you will have to unpartition your USB to install Remix OS again. Or if you have uninstalled Remix OS and want the original size of your drive back, then this tutorial is for you.
Before I continue, I'll say that by following any of the procedure below, Remix OS will be uninstalled and any data on your USB will be erased. So if you have some data on USB then back up it. You can follow any of the procedure below to Uninstall Remix OS and recover your USB size:


2. Plug in our USB and launch the software.
3. Open the "Format" Tab.

4. Click the down arrow.

5. Select the drive letter of your USB.

6. Mark the circle that says "CF"

7. Mark the circle left to "Complete Format"

8. Click on  "Format"

9. Click "Yes"

10. The formatting process will begin. It can take a lot of time. Please do not turn off your computer/laptop or put it on sleep while the process.

11. Once completed, click on "Ok" to proceed.

12. Your USB will have its full size now.


1. Click here to download EaseUs partition master and install it.
2. Plug in your USB and launch the installed software.
3. Find your USB in the listed drives in the bottom pane.
4. Right click the first partition "REMIXOSSYS (FAT32)" of your USB.

5. Click on "Delete Partition".

6. Click "Ok"

7. Now right click the second partition "*:2ND PART (FAT32)" of your USB.

8. Click on "Delete Partition"

9. Click "Ok"

10. Now right click the whole unallocated space of your USB.

11. Select "Create Partition"

12. Click "Ok".

13. Click on the "General" tab in the top left corner of the window.

14. Click on "Apply Changes".

15. Click "yes"

16. The process will begin. It will take a few minutes. Do not turn off your computer/laptop or put it on sleep during the process.

17. Click "Ok"

18. Now open "My Computer" or "This PC" and format your USB drive in the normal way.

19.  Your USB will have its full size now.

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